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Deloitte's Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Sanctions practice has helped resolve money laundering, terrorist financing, and other complex matters related to financial crime around the world. Our global network includes former bank regulators, federal law enforcement officials, compliance officers, and more. Count on us to understand the complexities you face and offer a breadth of services to help you respond.

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Financial crime is one of the biggest challenges facing corporations today. It is characterized by complex inter-connectivity and it is not defined by geography, industry, or the type of organization. The vast organizational complexity of global corporations increases the threat of financial crime simply by virtue of their size.

Financial crime will not be ad hoc incidents but rather a continuous reputational risk that pervades almost every organizational process in every area of business and commerce. Organizations need to embrace an enterprise-wide approach to addressing financial crime and remove the siloes that undermine their ability to share information, pool resources, and develop smart strategies.

Deloitte understands the scope of the challenge and looks for innovative ways to help organizations meet those challenges. These videos highlight key components of financial crime that can help your organization plan and prepare to rise to the challenge. Watch to learn more:

  • Organizational structure: Fred Curry, US AML & Sanctions practice leader
  • Culture and tone: Michael Shepard, Global Financial Crime leader

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Organizational structure

Fred Curry, US Anti-Money Laundering & Sanctions practice leader, speaks on financial crime and organizational structure.

Culture and tone

Michael Shepard, Global Financial Crime leader, speaks on the biggest financial crime challenge.

Tools and frameworks

We have developed a wealth of AML accelerators, tools, and frameworks, including DERA, our web-based multidimensional, in-depth, enterprise-wide solution that walks you step-by-step through a risk assessment of your entire organization. It enables a single point of aggregation at each level of the organization (e.g., product line, business line, legal entity, country, or region) and facilitates aggregated reporting to support a holistic view of enterprise risk and strategic decision-making.

DERA also manages surveys end-to-end like a case management workflow process from assignment to completion and provides tracking by legal entity, division, region and enterprise-wide.

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The Deloitte Enterprise Risk Assessment (DERA) solution can streamline your organization's risk assessment process and aggregate risk information in a single place.

Watch the video to learn more.

How Deloitte can help

Our practice has been instrumental in helping clients around the world whose operations are subject to a wide variety of money laundering and economic sanctions-related requirements. We can help your company reduce its risks related to money laundering and terrorist financing and improve its ability to meet regulatory expectations for sound programs and controls by designing, implementing, enhancing and testing AML/Sanctions programs. We also provide services to respond to and remediate related compliance failures when they occur.

With in-depth experience and a global network composed of former bank regulators, federal law enforcement officials, prosecutors, financial institution compliance officers, IT specialists, economists/statisticians, bankers, and industry specialists, we are fluent in regulatory requirements and expectations and understand the risks and complexities our clients face. We offer a breadth of services to help you respond.

Our services include:
  • Program design, implementation, and enhancement
  • Independent testing and program validation/co-sourcing
  • AML transaction/Sanctions monitoring systems
  • AML/Sanctions risk assessment
  • Remediation and investigations
  • Managed risk and operations

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Fred Curry


Fred leads Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory's Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Sanctions practice. He serves domestic and international clients, principally focusing on protecting a company’s brand a... More