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DERA: A web-based enterprise risk assessment solution

Enable consistent risk assessments

Managing risks within your organization requires a risk assessment process that’s practical, sustainable, easy-to-understand, and right-sized for the enterprise. Learn about DERA, a web-based, standardized, and automated tool that enables consistent risk assessments across an organization, covering financial crime, compliance, and operational risks.

The Deloitte Enterprise Risk Assessment solution

Enterprise-wide risk assessment can be enormously challenging

Increasing regulatory expectations, ballooning compliance costs, inconsistent and decentralized methods for assessing risks, and manually intensive and error-prone processes plague organizations. Duplicative efforts across operational, technology, regulatory, financial, and strategic risk domains can add to extra work that slows down the process.

Risk managers often lack the audit trail and automated workflows to know what assessments are in the process, outstanding, at risk, or completed and when. This makes it difficult to isolate where there are major gaps, and there’s no easy way to roll up the information into an executive dashboard or other required reports. What’s needed is a tool that can streamline the risk assessment process.

Focus on what’s important—assessing and remediating risks within your enterprise

Lay the groundwork for your enterprise-wide risk assessment process

DERA solution is a multidimensional, in-depth, enterprise-wide tool that walks you step by step through a risk assessment of your entire organization. Our approach balances inherent risk factors, controls, and residual risk factors, resulting in a robust action plan. We have built-in analytical techniques to assess your risks across regulatory, compliance, and other operational domains.

Now you can:

  • Identify and evaluate potential risks that may adversely affect the entire organization or a specific product or business line
  • Assess the controls your organization has implemented to mitigate these potential risks
  • Determine the residual risk associated with your organization or a specific product or business line

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The right enterprise risk assessment solution for the job

What should you look for in a well-designed risk assessment tool? In short, flexibility and scalability—because no two organizations face the same exact risks.

Our web-based enterprise risk assessment solution gives you the ability to:

  • Manage users and role settings
  • Set thresholds and weights
  • Launch surveys for data collection
  • Get instant visual heat map results
  • Generate custom reports
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We created this web-based tool with risk management domain expertise from our network of seasoned professionals, industry leaders, former compliance officers, regulators, and federal officials.

Enterprise-wide risk analysis together in one place

DERA enables a single point of aggregation at each level of the organization. For example, you can see your risk by product line, business line, legal entity, country, or region. Aggregated reporting—and end-to-end survey management—provide a holistic view of enterprise risk and strategic decision-making to help you focus on what’s important.

Contact us:

Miriam Ratkovicova
Managing director, Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory

Bagrat Bayburtian
Managing director, Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory

Abhilash Kanchanapalli
Senior Manager, Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory

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