Commercial Lease Advisory Services

Reduce real estate risk. Improve asset level performance.

Time is money—and so is space. How can commercial realty management reduce risks related to their corporation’s leased real estate? And how can investors achieve the full value of their investments? Explore how our Commercial Lease Advisory Services can help you evaluate the accuracy, integrity, and performance of real estate leases and assets.

From occupier to investor: Corporate real estate challenges

Commercial real estate management is dynamic. It requires an organization’s realty department and lease administration team to be adaptive toward ever-changing market conditions, reporting requirements, and system changes.

Recently, for occupiers, this included tackling the new lease accounting standards, which shifted the focus of these departments away from operational management toward financial reporting under the new standards. Consequently, for some organizations, the focus on the operational management of their real estate leases has been diluted, leading to increased risk that could be costly if not detected.

On the other side, commercial real estate investors and their asset managers often have larger-scale matters and concerns, such as leasing, loan requirements, performance tracking, and investor relations. These challenges can prevent them from taking deeper dives into the accounting books and records to enhance real estate asset-level performance.

Understand and assess COVID-19’s impact on real estate

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Go up a few floors: Explore our Commercial Lease Advisory Services

More than just floor space

Why use Deloitte’s Commercial Lease Advisory Services? We’ve:

  • Real estate acquisition advisory services
  • Assisted real estate investors with over $50 billion in commercial real estate transactions
  • Abstracted more than 100,000 leases for critical data related to both operational and accounting purposes in 38 languages
  • Worked with and implemented more than 15 lease administration and integrated workplace management systems
  • Created global impact, having performed services covering more than 50 countries across major geographies, including the Americas; Asia Pacific; and Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • Performed more than 10,000 lease audits over the past 23 years, resulting in more than $250 million in savings for our clients

Driven by integrity—not incentive

Services similar to those outlined here are often offered for “free” or at steeply discounted rates by real estate brokerage firms who are primarily focused on performing lease transactions for organizations. But having a team with incentives based on the transaction isn’t necessarily impartial or unbiased. Deloitte provides the opportunity for an objective segregation of duties between transactions and real estate departments.

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