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Uncovering connections through analytics to support investigations

The array of risks businesses face today is staggering, from the threat of litigation and regulatory-driven investigations to cyber security and extremist threats, activist investors, environmental activities, and even fraud, waste, and abuse, whether instigated internally or externally. Investigations associated with these risks typically rely on internal data from the business itself and publicly available data sources. In the past two years, however, technologies have emerged that can supplement traditional investigative sources, bridging important gaps in information about an individual target or a ring of targets at the center of an investigation. Social media data can be quickly mined for deep insights into the relationships, activities, and expressed views of individuals and groups of people.

How we can help

In recent work for clients spanning a variety of industries, Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory has shown the compelling potential of social media "sensing." With social media analytics, our professionals can help to uncover previously unidentifiable connections, often in a matter of minutes.

By leveraging a wide range of commercially available tools and investigative approaches, we can assist you with many types of investigations, including:

  • Pre-transaction due diligence: Conducting background investigations of executives and their companies you may be considering a transaction with, searching for red flags, conflicts of interest, undisclosed business affiliations, financial difficulties, and links to sanctioned parties or other parties of interest.
  • FCPA and third-party due diligence: Performing cost-effective and tailored due diligence on your company's relationships with third parties, such as vendors, suppliers, business partners, licensees, contractors, and service providers. We focus on the risk profile of individuals associated with the target, including key executives, owners, or agents, and on whether these individuals are connected to government officials or hold government positions themselves.
  • Fraud, threats, and investor or environmental activist investigations: Performing background investigations of parties you suspect of wrongdoing, intending to harm your business, conflicts of interest, undisclosed business affiliations, or living beyond their means. We seek to uncover possible direct and circumstantial evidence of criminal or other potentially damaging activity, as well as prior financial, legal, regulatory, or criminal problems, or links to organized crime, extremist networks, or activist organizations. Using advanced link analysis and state-of-the-art visualization tools, our practitioners help "connect the dots" to visually demonstrate the relationships between individuals and entities, the flow of misappropriated funds, or actions that could cause concern for your organization.
  • Asset searching and tracing: Helping identify and locate assets around the world. Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory has tracked assets to offshore and foreign havens in some of the most prominent commercial fraud investigations in the past 20 years. Using an array of commercial data sources, our team can trace back the ownership of assets to front companies and their facilitators.
  • Litigation intelligence: Investigating the backgrounds of opposing parties to help focus litigation strategy. Our team can find facts relevant to claims and defenses, as well as identifying and locating witnesses. Traditional public record research, in tandem with social media analytics, can help legal teams to assess the reliability and credibility of a witness, prospective juror, and parties to a case. Such critical information can affect litigation strategy and the scope of the litigation.

Our services

Our social media analytics services include:

  • ​Pre-transaction due diligence
  • FCPA and third-party due diligence
  • Fraud, threats, and investor or environmental activist investigations
  • Asset searching and tracing
  • Litigation intelligence

Social media

How does social media sensing work?

​Using social media platforms, people share ideas and form communities. Our social media analytics professionals algorithmically perform an open-source collection across numerous social media platforms to help identify relationships and commentary that would not likely be uncovered through traditional investigative methods.

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