Alternative Workforce


The alternative workforce

Creating value and impact through the alternative workforce

To prepare for the future and continue to grow, organizations should build talent models that enable them to access and engage the full spectrum of talent, from traditional employees to alternative workers to robots. In particular, alternative ways of working are no longer anomalies, but mainstream and increasingly indispensable parts of how work gets done. This series explores topics essential to effectively tapping into the alternative workforce.

Latest: Performance management: Engaging alternative talent to drive business outcomes

Shifts in global economic factors and competition for in-demand capabilities have prompted many organizations to reevaluate their tactical workforce strategy to meet business objectives. As part of a broader workforce strategy, organizations that use the alternative workforce need a dynamic process to understand and manage their performance. Effective consideration of performance management practices supports an engaging workforce experience that can meet the alternative workforce needs in the present moment—and in the future.

Download “Executing Performance Management Strategies to Unlock the Full Potential of Alternative Talent”

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