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The alternative workforce

Creating value and impact through the alternative workforce

To prepare for the future and continue to grow, organizations should build talent models that enable them to access and engage the full spectrum of talent, from traditional employees to alternative workers to robots. In particular, alternative ways of working are no longer anomalies, but mainstream and increasingly indispensable parts of how work gets done. This series explores topics essential to effectively tapping into the alternative workforce.

Rewards and wellbeing: Strategic levers for attracting and engaging alternative talent

The growth of the alternative workforce, coupled with rapid changes in the global economy, has prompted many organizations to access and utilize alternative workers in new and expanded ways. Now, as organizations shift their talent structures to achieve their business objectives, they should look towards creating a differentiated workforce experience to attract alternative workers best suited to their talent needs. Those organizations that can create and implement a total rewards program based on workers’ preferences that addresses their personal and professional goals and aspirations and supports their wellbeing needs can set themselves apart as an irresistible destination for all talent types.

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The alternative workforce, diversity, and inclusion: Powering the future of work

The rise in contingent work and growing diversity of the workforce are key drivers in the future of work. These powerful forces are shaping how and where work gets done and who does it, making it imperative for organizations to use these forces as strategic levers. While organizations need to properly evaluate and determine their optimal mix of talent, those that leverage talent effectively can expect more than just achieving the goals of the enterprise.

Technology, strategic communications, and workforce operational excellence: Enabling the alternative workforce

As the global market evolves to meet the needs of rapidly changing business models, organizations must adapt and reorganize to enable a shifting workforce. The overall makeup of workers is changing to satiate the new demands of a business economy that has seen an increase in on-demand services, the fight for talent, and opportunities for gig labor. Leading organizations are taking action and are taking steps to reconsider their global talent and employee engagement strategies to mobilize this new mix of traditional employees and alternative workers to achieve their business objectives.

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The alternative workforce: Executing talent strategies to access and engage a new workforce paradigm

The alternative workforce has established itself as a foundational input to leading talent models. Organizations can no longer to afford to ignore this growing workforce segment and should aim to harness the power of the entire workforce to realize their full potential. To do so properly means creating new talent strategies from the ground up and partnering across procurement, HR, and leadership to access the right alternative talent for each organization.


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