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AdeptPro: A Workforce Development Solution

Building workforce capabilities through upskilling and digital innovation

Organizations are transforming faster than ever. To stay ahead of today’s workplace disruption, organizations need to continuously upskill their workforce capabilities. AdeptPro offers a digitally enabled approach to workforce development that leverages Deloitte’s experience in business transformation. Read our latest insights on evolving leadership through digital learning.

Learning innovation that reinvents capability development

AdeptPro offers topic-specific learning experiences through a variety of preconfigured development options—from self-paced discovery to immersive in-person workshops. AdeptPro harnesses the power of Deloitte’s ecosystem partnerships with industry luminaries, academics, and top-tier universities.

AdeptPro Digital Bootcamps will help balance live, quality engagement with digital content to build a culture of continuous learning:

  • Organization-specific, curated content and pathways complemented by immersive, in-person experiences
  • Cohort-based, time-bound "digital bootcamps" that bridge geographic gaps, build camaraderie, and align teams on a shared understanding of business-critical concepts
  • Scalable, self-paced, and on-demand learning to meet the needs of the modern workforce

Preparing individuals for team-driven work

Success in today's digitally enabled workplace calls for more agile, collaborative organizational models in which cross-functional teams form and change quickly, people move around regularly, and new business ideas and projects spin up and wind down to meet business goals. Preparing for this level of teaming can be challenging. It demands a digital learning strategy that specifically addresses the needs of high-performance work teams.

Deloitte’s AdeptPro suite of learning solutions helps individuals acquire the key skills and perspective to thrive when group interactions are a core contributor to their success.

AdeptPro Digital Bootcamps balance digital engagement with in-classroom experiences, helping companies encourage continuous learning across the organization. The Business Chemistry Bootcamp helps team members understand one another and appreciate the value that each individual brings to the organization while helping determine what they need in order to excel. The Inclusive Leadership Experience Digitized (ILEd) Bootcamp is a scalable, customizable learning experience that helps individuals actively learn how to model inclusive leadership behaviors.

Digital learning for peak personal—and group—performance

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Exponential leadership through digital learning

Today’s leaders face uncharted terrain that’s changing at an unprecedented pace. This new landscape demands new exponential leadership skills—including navigating through ambiguity and increased complexity, being tech-savvy, managing changing customer and talent demographics, and supporting an inclusive workplace. But to lead differently, people need to think learn differently.

What’s needed now is a better way to develop the next generation of leaders—one that moves beyond the traditional models and modes of learning and supports continuous, lifelong development.

New digital learning strategies are merging theory and practice in a scalable, interactive way, allowing leaders to learn their way through transformations, apply the new concepts they learn directly to the evolving leadership challenges they face, and receive direct input and feedback from their learning cohorts.

Deloitte’s AdeptPro is a suite of digital learning experiences that can help organizations foster exponential leadership by upskilling and reskilling their leaders with the capabilities and mindsets they need to navigate through ongoing disruption and business transformation.

Leadership through digital learning: The exponential leadership journey

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Introducing AdeptPro

AdeptPro Digital Bootcamp offerings


Exponential leadership

Success depends on an organization’s ability to rethink leadership development and cultivate the next generation of exponential leaders, equipped with the skills that matter most in a digital world. Designed for participants to "bring their own problem," this Bootcamp encourages the behavioral and mindset shifts required of future-facing leaders, all within the context of a relevant work challenge.


Inclusive leadership experience digitized

Inclusive leadership calls upon all of us to bring out the best in each other. This means building lasting inclusive leadership behaviors within your organization. To unleash your full potential, shine a light on—and mitigate—unconscious bias with this premier inclusion learning solution.



Business Chemistry

Business Chemistry provides valuable insights about individuals and teams based on observable business traits and preferences. It reveals four scientifically based, yet easy-to-remember profiles that highlight relevant behavioral cues that can be used to improve workplace dynamics. Bring the power of Business Chemistry to your entire workforce through this unique Bootcamp experience.




Coming soon:
Additional Digital Bootcamps
  • Digital finance
  • Tech savvy
  • Innovation & exponential thinking

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Michael Griffiths

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Jamie Breshears

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