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Value based care

Winning the shift from volume to value

Value based payment models have the potential to upend traditional patient care and business models. What can your organization do to effectively make the shift and “win” in the new value based care (VBC) payment landscape?

Winning the value based care market shift

Fueled by regulatory actions, consumer expectations, cost pressure, and an overall shift in the health care landscape, we are experiencing an acceleration in the transition from traditional fee for service (FFS) reimbursement models to payment models which tie reimbursement to quality and cost, defined as value based care arrangements. Unlike FFS, value based care models incentivize reducing spending while improving quality and outcomes through care model innovation. The focus of providing value based care can be thought of in the context of the quadruple aim – better patient experience, improved population health, reduced costs, and enhanced clinician experience.

Digital health meets radical interoperability

How we can help

New networks and alliances, acquisitions, partnerships, and collaborations will likely be major drivers of the value based shift. A first-mover advantage is certainly possible—but only if you have the right strategy to create new business relationships across the care continuum, new integrated economic relationships, and new business and technology capabilities. It may be difficult for health care organizations to win if they approach these changes without a well thought out strategy that creates sustainable competitive differentiation.

To make smart choices on a winning timetable, health care organizations should prepare now to excel at managing clinical and financial risk. They should create new business and economic relationships across the full continuum of care. And they should harness new business and technology capabilities to support these new relationships.

​Deloitte is guiding clients across all sectors of the industry and across all dimensions of the volume-to-value transformation—strategy, financial, clinical, operations, technology, and change management.

Gaining a clear understanding of the changing health care environment and plotting a winning path forward is part of the challenge. Bringing the right experience, tools, and transformation leadership to carry out that strategy is the other part. As the world’s largest health care consulting team, we can see you all the way through—and help you successfully navigate the biggest hurdles.


Key potential benefits

  • Establish a strategic vision that can guide your organization through the post-reform era.
  • Reduce the downside risk of lost share, disintermediation, and reduced market relevance.
  • Proactively capture the economic rewards of the new market model.
  • Build the capabilities that can open the doors to profitable outcomes in population health.
  • Unlearn the volume habit and generate greater margin through a change in service mix.

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