M&A regulation realities amid market momentum

Urgency for dealmakers to consider M&A regulation risks

This episode of the M&A Views podcast explores the heightened scrutiny of trade, social, and environmental risks alongside the momentum of a more stringent M&A regulatory agenda. Why is pressure increasing for dealmakers to think even more closely about the prospects of new M&A regulations, and what’s the driving force behind the recent regulatory stir?

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Anxieties around globalization may influence M&A regulations

Over the last 12 months, we witnessed around $4.5 trillion worth of M&A deals globally—higher than any other 12-month period in history. The recent upsurge of M&A deals has the potential to fan anxieties around globalization and national self-reliance—especially while governments must continue to focus their resources and efforts on pandemic responses. While unease is hardly the only force at play, it does appear to be drawing more scrutiny across M&A markets and could pile on to the stricter M&A regulations we’ve already begun to see.

Tune in to Deloitte’s M&A Views podcast and see what other forces may be at play, plus five guidelines to help navigate through rougher M&A regulatory waters.

First off, I’d say regulation that’s in place now is influencing deal activity, so it should be top of mind for anyone who’s thinking about deals. Second, there have been some shots across the bow in some specific industries named by specific countries that’ll face increasing regulatory scrutiny.

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