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Record deal volumes and expectations of accelerated paths to value creation are forcing companies to think differently. Companies are integrating transformation earlier in the deal journey, breaking down traditional approaches, developing best-of-breed capabilities, and capturing the benefits. What does that look like in practice? Deloitte’s upcoming M&A Views: Transforming While Transacting podcast series offers deep dives into modern M&A-enabled transformation and a blueprint for how to do it effectively.

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Transforming transactions

While M&A transactions aren’t new, the level of activity seen in recent years is largely unprecedented. Deal volumes are at record levels—in 2019 alone, there were more than $3 trillion worth of M&A transactions worldwide.

Traditionally, M&A deals are often implemented using a two-step approach. The first step is to “get the deal done … get it closed.” Step two launches transformation to restructure the organization, develop capabilities, optimize operations, and drive growth and profitability in line with the goals of the deal.

The push to extract more value—and to extract it quicker—has become more urgent for companies. The traditional two-step approach often prolongs timelines, creates competing agendas, and stymies the opportunity to realize a deal’s full value and potential. Transforming while transacting shifts the transformation from the second step to much earlier in the deal strategy and planning phase. According to Deloitte Principal and Transforming While Transacting host Raed Masoud, this is a pressing issue because “Everything is moving faster. Everything.” And if everything is moving faster, it’s critical for companies to keep up.

Moving faster to stay ahead

Transforming while transacting isn’t easy. It requires leaders to develop strategic clarity at the outset of an M&A transaction. It requires strong alignment and ruthless prioritization. It requires strong leadership and hyper-focused execution to deliver against key milestones and to capture the value. These expectations aren’t exclusive to transforming while transacting; however, they are magnified given the executive visibility, the pace, and the resources committed to the journey.

Understanding what successful transforming while transacting looks like can help your organization think differently—to realize the value in making transformation a core part of the deal strategy and plan. This strategy is at the center of Deloitte’s Transforming While Transacting podcast, a spinoff of our M&A Views podcast series. In each Transforming While Transacting episode, host Raed Masoud and his guest experts discuss the importance of transformation in modern M&A and outline how best to do it effectively.

They’ll also explore the many different questions to consider with transforming while transacting, such as what it looks like, how to budget for it, what ideal timing looks like, and more. Raed’s guests will also share their own transformation journeys and keys to a successful strategy with the goal of helping listeners reimagine transformation as a key enabler (rather than a discrete event) through a wide array of transforming-while-transacting experiences.

As Raed points out, “More companies are starting to embrace the idea that, ‘Look, if I can get the deal and the transformation done faster, then I get to value faster.’” Speed is rewarded with greater return, and by planning strategically, transforming while transacting can get companies to value faster. This podcast provides business leaders with the information, insights, and experiences to position their organizations for success and to accelerate the realization and capture of deal value from transforming while transacting.

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