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​M&A activity is accelerating according to 2014 M&A Trends report.

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Survey highlights

Over the past 18 months, merger and acquisition (M&A) activity has accelerated in the U.S. That trend is poised to continue, if not increase, according to the first annual Deloitte M&A Trends report.

Of the 2,500 corporate and private equity respondents, 84 percent of corporate executives anticipate a sustained, if not accelerated, pace of M&A activity in the next 24 months. The vast majority of private equity executives (89 percent) are expecting average to high deal activity going forward.​

Explore the findings in our 2014 M&A Trends report.

Additional findings in the report

​​Additional findings in the "M&A trends report 2014"

  • Twenty-one percent of companies anticipate major transformational deals while about one in three will pursue smaller strategic transactions.
  • Almost two-thirds of private equity firms expect portfolio exits to increase — with 36 percent looking at initial public offerings (IPO).
  • Fifty-nine percent of corporate respondents say their M&A investments will involve an acquisition in a foreign market. About three-quarters of private equity firms are expecting to acquire a target in another country.
  • Companies anticipate deal activity to increase most heavily within the technology sector, followed by health care providers and plans, energy (both alternative energy and oil and gas), and banking and securities.
  • Sixty-eight percent of private equity executives expect their firms to become more industry-focused in the coming year.
  • Almost nine out of 10 corporate respondents indicated that at least a portion of transactions completed in the past two years may not have generated their expected value or return on investment. This report takes a look at the factors that can help contribute to deal success and those that may cause a deal to fall short of its maximum potential.


About the survey:
A total of 2,182 executives at U.S. companies and 318 executives at private equity firms, representing all major industries and company/firm sizes, provided their insights for this survey.

M&A Trends report 2014

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