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Portfolio Realignment

Driving growth and shareholder value through M&A

This article examines how companies can identify opportunities to streamline their portfolio for growth.​

​Realign your portfolio

Companies increasingly are looking for opportunities to understand which parts of their businesses are driving or destroying shareholder value and to realign their portfolio accordingly.

This article examines:

  • The reasons why portfolio realignment is becoming a business imperative
  • The four major steps to build an “advantaged portfolio,” an optimal grouping of assets tailored to a company’s goals and aspirations
  • Critical success factors companies should consider when undertaking the realignment process

Many organizations need to consider cleaning up their portfolios to get rid of under performers and value-destroyers. By approaching the process holistically and rigorously, they can improve strategic soundness and operational resilience and drive value-creation.

Learn about methods for driving shareholder value through portfolio realignment
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