How finance technologies are transforming M&A deals

Exploring the possibilities of finance automation

What do today’s finance technologies offer executives overseeing an M&A deal? On this M&A Views episode, we’re talking about how finance automation and other leading-edge tools can help finance leaders reduce their teams’ burden when it comes to preparation that pays off on day one and beyond.

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The rise of finance technologies for M&A

Finance teams have a lot to think about during the run-up to an M&A deal. Their obligations include funding the transaction, retaining talent, staying compliant, and minimizing business disruption. They also need to minimize one-time costs, accelerate value capture, ensure good visibility and control over operations, and position their organization to close quickly.

Historically, preparing for a successful day one while also meeting all of these operational and value objectives required a lot of people. On this episode of M&A Views we break down why, with today’s finance technologies, that isn’t the case anymore.

There’s a lot more levers that can be pulled and quite a bit of technology that’s helping accelerate both the planning, the closing of the deal, and then ultimately driving the transformation of things that often follow and come right after that.

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