Are brighter days ahead for energy M&A?

Oil and gas mergers are on the rise

On this episode of M&A Views, we explore what’s driving a recent uptick in oil and gas M&A, how energy M&A activity is changing amid new sustainability initiatives, and the types of opportunities investors are eyeing in a shifting energy landscape.

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With energy M&A on the rise, what’s next?

There’s no way to sugarcoat it: 2020 was a historically bad year for M&A activity in oil and gas. From the wellhead to downstream processes, the pandemic (coupled with lingering effects from the price crash of 2014) effectively hit the reset button on energy M&A. Could 2021 be a breakout year for M&A in the oil and gas sector? On this episode of M&A Views, we dissect the rebound in deal activity during the later stages of 2020, explore how energy M&A can help organizations modify their carbon footprint, and predict new trends that might surface as 2021 rolls on.

I think we went a long time without seeing a lot of IPOs in 2020, and really even in late 2019, for that matter, you were seeing equity given as compensation rather than cash. And so that allowed companies basically to combine, achieve economies of scale, and both have skin in the game to ride out the upside when it came to the appreciation in value from an equity perspective.

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