Activist investing is back. Is your board ready?

Why directors should engage with shareholder activism

Shareholder activists are staging a postpandemic comeback. As activist investors identify opportunities to boost shareholder value in a disrupted business environment, how should directors respond? By thinking like an activist, then engaging proactively with the ideas and strategies that an activist investing campaign might raise. Learn more on this episode of M&A Views.

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The return of activist shareholders

After a year-long pause, M&A activity has returned, and activist investors are once again scanning the corporate landscape for opportunities. On this episode of M&A Views, we unpack the business situations that attract investment activity, taking a closer look at traditional opportunities, such as company underperformance or excess liquidity; newer trends like special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs); and the increasing appeal of firms that incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into their everyday decision-making process.

My best advice for directors is: Think like an activist. How has the business environment changed? And has that created any gaps or vulnerabilities for your company that might attract an activist?

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M&A Views Podcast series

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