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How has the deal environment changed? How can companies use M&A transactions to become more resilient? On a new season of M&A Views, we explore the current state of deal activity and how M&A transactions can contribute to higher levels of organizational resiliency.

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The COVID-19 pandemic rewrote the book on how leaders approach strategic M&A decisions. What do organizations need to know to get the deal done in today’s M&A market? How can shrewd M&A maneuvering help prepare your organization for future disruptions?

Our new season of the M&A Views podcast explores pandemic-driven changes in M&A behaviors, the interplay between technology and M&A execution, and how to move past traditional dealmaking and into the realm of organizational transformation.

The M&A Views podcast series gets beyond the standard discussion of who might buy who—and why—and at what valuation. We’ll give you some of that. But we will also drill down into what M&A really can do for your company.

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M&A Views Podcast series

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