Supply Chain Managed Services

Achieve measurable improvement in supply chain performance

​Analytics revolutionized player selection in baseball more than a decade ago, helping team management harness performance data to strengthen their rosters and win more games. Similar to what occurred in baseball, businesses around the world are beginning to utilize sophisticated analytics and interpretive insights to address challenges across their supply chain functions. However, many supply chain organizations are still “batting around” just how to build and sustain capabilities that require far greater sophistication in data visualization, predictive analytics, technology and talent.​

​Fresh perspective

Deloitte’s Supply Chain Managed Services (SCMS) is a suite of solutions that supplement your internal capabilities on an ongoing basis to achieve measurable improvement in supply chain performance. Our managed services range from providing supply chain organizations with data-driven insights, to helping run operations that can drive improved supply chain performance. Regardless of where you are starting from, we can devise an approach that enhances your internal capabilities and gives you ongoing access to valuable insights into your supply chain’s performance.​

Suite of solutions

  • Product development: Real-time predictive product cost assessment services and full process flow auditing to help identify process gaps and improvement opportunities
  • Supply chain planning: Ongoing services to effectively execute data-driven sales and operations planning, and inventory management to help minimize disruption risk and reduce costs
  • Sourcing & procurement: Ongoing management of supplier relationships and spend across key categories to drive sourcing savings and procurement efficiency
  • Manufacturing strategy & operations: Comprehensive monitoring of manufacturing operations to help improve performance and reduce risk
  • Logistics & distribution: Insights into more effectively managing logistics operations to help reduce costs and improve supply chain performance
  • Sustainability: Ongoing analysis, monitoring, and reporting of energy use across the company
  • Supply chain monitoring & control: Real-time supply chain monitoring to identify and mitigate risks, and execution support to drive improvement opportunities​
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Case studies

  • Identified $100MM in energy savings for a Fortune 50 retailer by implementing the Energy Spend Analytics solution to manage energy, refrigeration and fuel data on an ongoing basis for 10,000 sites and 15,000 vehicles for eight years
  • Managed 75 percent of overall spend and generated over $40MM in tangible cost savings for a major global restaurant chain by providing 18+ months of procurement leadership support and establishing a Center of Excellence

Potential bottom-line benefits

Our suite of supply chain solutions can help you capture significant bottom-line benefits on a sustained basis:

  • More accurate forecasts and inventory management
  • Sourcing savings
  • Better management of energy usage and reduced environmental impact
  • Proactive identification of potential supply chain risks​

​Deloitte has created a suite of solutions to help supply chain leaders drive tangible business outcomes through new models of collaboration – providing deep analytical capabilities and predictive insights on an ongoing basis​.


Andrew Feinberg

Andrew Feinberg

US Consulting | Consumer Industry & Supply Chain

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