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Enterprise Digital Government Services

End-to-end services for a digital customer experience

Digital transformation in government is quickly becoming an imperative: Customer expectations for digital and mobile experiences are pushing governments to embrace digital transformation as fully as their constituents and commercial enterprises have. Deloitte digital government services can help leaders create a government digital transformation strategy that improves many aspects of public service, including the government customer experience.

Customer insight: Improving the government customer experience

To help governments deliver a more efficient, convenient, and citizen-focused digital experience, Deloitte collaborates with agency and state leadership on a user-centered design approach that starts with defining customer needs and expectations. We then help states establish a high-level brand and portal strategy to refresh the “front door” with intention-based navigation, search engine optimization, natural language search, and query approaches.

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Enterprise technology services: Implementing innovative technology in government

In many states, chief information officers (CIOs) are introducing enterprise-level digital technology services and encouraging state agencies to adopt the services to create efficiencies and help accelerate digital roll-out. Deloitte works with technology leaders to enhance both the citizen experience and data sharing through innovative technologies such as web content management, identity and access management, master data management, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), and mobile-first efforts.

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Government digital transformation strategy essentials: Governance, funding, and procurement

Any enterprise-wide vision at the level of customer experience requires leadership and cross-agency governance. As governments appoint digital leaders to focus on taking ownership of the digital customer experience and enterprise-level strategy, Deloitte can help define required governance and leadership roles and establish new governance, policy, and funding approaches to promote sustainable digital transformation. We can also help you establish differentiated capabilities in design, user adoption, and procurement to promote enterprise excellence.

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Delivering the digital state

What if state government services worked like Amazon?

Citizens are customers, too—who increasingly demand quick and effective service from government organizations online. Learn about how state and provincial governments can provide a better user experience by emulating the methods of top digital companies.

Learn more about delivering the digital state.

govCONNECT: Supporting digital transformation in government

With the aging technology infrastructure of state and local governments and public institutions, senior leaders are facing the high costs and inefficiencies of maintaining disparate legacy systems. Proactive governments recognize the potential of embracing digital disruption in the public sector and understand that leveraging digital technology is key to lowering costs and improving performance and reducing inefficiencies associated with static websites and staffing of local offices and call centers.

Deloitte works with leaders in state and local government and higher education institutions to deliver cloud-based solutions and portals that enable effective digital, mobile, and multi-channel experiences that help meet the expectations and demands of constituents in the digital era.

Learn more about our services at govCONNECT.

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