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A full service platform for intelligent automation of data extraction and document management to significantly reduce the need for manual processing.

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Why Solvas|Digitize?

Businesses today are inundated with documents that come from multiple parties and in various formats. As the volume of documentation swells, the ability to extract and gain value from the data in those documents can become time consuming and expensive. That’s where Solvas|Digitize comes in.

About Solvas|Digitize

Solvas|Digitize significantly reduces the need for manual processing while helping an organization to improve its bottom line. Using intelligent automation and data extraction technologies, this full-service platform offers document receipt services, an interactive portal for reviewing and reconciling documents, and a service dashboard.

The flexibility of this end-to-end service can be applied to a range of use cases and across multiple industries to help organizations capture information, mine valuable insights, and leverage predictive analytics. And because Solvas|Digitize is a managed service, clients can realize high-quality data extraction and document digitization without significant capital expenditure or investment.

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Hillel Caplan

Hillel Caplan

Partner | Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory

Hillel Caplan is a Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory (“Deloitte Advisory”) Partner. He currently co-leads Deloitte Advisory’s services to regional and mid-size banks and credit unions, as well as i... More

Chris Pruszko

Chris Pruszko

Vice President | Deloitte & Touche Overseas Projects LLC

Chris is a Deloitte & Touche Projects SARL Vice President Product Management and part of the Financial Technology team in Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory. He is responsible for European operations,... More

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