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DEI, philanthropy, and the role of tax

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, better known as D-E-I, has been the business community’s response to the world’s demand for social justice. But, are corporate DEI efforts really working? In this latest episode, leaders Norah Nicholls from Deloitte Consulting and Julia Cloud from Deloitte Tax, discuss the importance of equity in measuring the success of corporate DEI efforts, its impact on philanthropy, and how tax leaders fit into the equation.

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Tax Podcast: DEI, philanthropy, and the role of tax

Many businesses today have invested heavily in DEI strategy and become more diverse and inclusive doing so. Yet, are their efforts leading to real change? In this latest episode, Deloitte Tax leaders Norah Nicholls and Julia Cloud talk about the importance of the “E” in DEI in creating measurable and meaningful outcomes, both in the workplace and outside of it. They explain how equity is impacting one of the main functions of corporate DEI efforts—philanthropy—and how tax teams play a key role in leading this change for their organizations:

Tax has a strong role when it comes to operationalizing the philanthropic path forward in terms of what structures are chosen and why, and in maintaining all the philanthropic activities that have different reporting obligations.

—Julia Cloud

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