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Property tax in a pandemic world

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In this episode of Tax News & Views, we discuss property tax and how to navigate the real estate market in this economic downturn.

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Tax podcast: Property tax and the pandemic

June 15, 2021

With office buildings vacated and storefronts closed almost overnight, the impact to the multi-billion-dollar commercial real estate market shouldn’t come as a surprise. In this latest episode, Deloitte Tax leaders David Hurrell and Stephen Crane dive into the world of property taxes against the backdrop of the pandemic to look at the emerging trends, the impact on revenues for local governments, and the role of property tax assessments: 

The challenge for our clients is that they really need to focus on how to align the value of their property assets with the steep decline in the economy that everybody is experiencing.

—David Hurrell

David and Stephen urge executives and tax leaders to stay a step ahead and actively seek out property tax assessments for a chance at the tax relief credit.

Property tax in a pandemic world
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