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Depreciation Analysis & Reporting Tool (DART)

Accelerate tax cost recovery, planning, and reporting

Deloitte's DART team can help drive efficient tax cost recovery calculations and planning through technology and data analytics.

Depreciation Analysis and Reporting Tool (DART)

Top tax cost recovery computation challenges

For many businesses, the depreciation of plant, property, and equipment (PP&E) can be the single largest deduction on federal and state tax returns. Yet, companies continue to face significant challenges to maintain their tax fixed asset basis and cost recovery calculations in a timely and accurate fashion, including:

  • High volume of data in the calculations can obscure the validity and recovery methods of assets and place a heavy stress on a company’s existing infrastructure.
  • Multiple fixed asset systems may not be integrated to book records.
  • Offline or top-side depreciation schedules often require manual adjustments.
  • Complications may arise when fixed asset systems or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are upgraded, implemented or timely patches or support are not available.
  • Resources and tools needed for calculations may not be available internally.
  • State tax depreciation non-conformity with federal rules causes complexities in maintaining separate state computations.

Deloitte’s Depreciation Analysis & Report Tool (DART) aids clients in managing these challenges by helping streamline and accelerate tax cost recovery planning and reporting. Deloitte’s DART team is comprised of dedicated national professionals who specialize in assisting companies in maintaining tax basis and cost recovery computations through advanced technologies and data analytics.


Deloitte can help

Deloitte's DART team calculates tax depreciation expense for more than 200 companies and $20 billion in tax fixed assets. Learn how Deloitte can help lead your efforts to streamline and accelerate your tax depreciation planning and reporting processes. Our core DART services include:

Depreciation outsourcing or staff augmentation—assisting you with computation of annual or interim federal and state cost recovery, such as depreciation and gain/loss. We can extract the necessary data from your ERP systems and perform the calculations on our systems, or we can provide skilled personnel to assist you at your location(s) using your in-house technology and solutions.

Tax depreciation analytics—applying advanced data analytics to identify tax planning considerations and potential tax risks related to your tax fixed asset data, analyze your current depreciation process and recommend improvements, and identify potential cash tax savings.

Budgeting, forecasting, and scenario analysis—providing assistance and insights into your company’s data by calculating tax depreciation for financial forecasts, tax provision, long-range planning, and cash-tax planning.

Tax depreciation book creation—creating additional sets of tax depreciation books, including Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), Adjusted Current Earnings (ACE), Earnings and Profits (E&P), and non-conforming state regimes.

Software vendor selection—assisting with RFP development, tax fixed asset vendor demonstrations, and tax depreciation software selection. We are highly experienced with tax fixed asset software solutions and integration design as it relates to the major vendors.

System implementation and leading practices—assisting with leading your software implementation/upgrade or augmenting your staff to fill talent.

Additional value-added services:
  • Tax basis balance sheet and deferred tax validation
  • Post-merger integration and merger readiness
  • Tax planning for fixed assets
Whether you prefer staff augmentation, full outsourcing, or something in between, we can tailor our services to address your particular situation.

Why Deloitte for your DART services

Deloitte’s DART team strives to create both value and efficiencies. We can help you in your efforts to streamline and accelerate your tax depreciation planning and reporting processes.

We offer:

A dedicated national team of professionals specializing in tax cost recovery—tax and technology specialists with extensive experience in a variety of industries and solutions.

The flexibility to tailor our services to your organization’s objectives and approach—you can keep the process and systems in-house or outsource part or all of them to us.

Innovative use of tax data analytics—we help you understand and analyze your tax fixed asset data, as well as uncover planning considerations with respect to accelerating tax cost recovery.

Consistency and continuity—we strive to have the same team that meets with your organization during the engagement planning and design process to be the one that will perform the services and follow up.

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