How connectivity is advancing health care

Explore 5G’s impact on the future of health care

Technology innovations in health care, from wearable fitness trackers to virtual medical appointments, require strong and secure connectivity solutions to power them. Discover how connectivity and technology enable improved health access, equity, and patient experiences. Tune in to the podcast as host Hanish Patel is joined by AT&T Business’ Joe Cutrell and Deloitte’s Jack Fritz to explore 5G and its impact on the future of health care.

User Friendly: How connectivity is advancing health care

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If we look maybe two or three years down the road, we will not only see a shift in the way that patients and clinicians work, but we will see health start to improve by catching illnesses earlier. And this data is coming about through wearables and patient data and the connections that all of those require. This data will help power machine learning and AI that will lead to the discovery of new and better ways to (treat) both common and rare illnesses, and that leads us into more personalized treatments and personalized medicine.

—Joe Cutrell, Director of Strategy & Innovation, AT&T Business


In this episode of the User Friendly podcast, Joe Cutrell, director of Strategy & Innovation, AT&T Business, and Jack Fritz, principal and Advanced Connectivity Market Activation leader, Deloitte Consulting, join host Hanish Patel to explore connectivity, 5G, and the future of health care. They share insights on how digital-first care options are improving the patient health care journey while providing more equitable access to care, the importance of cybersecurity to building trust, and how tech-enabled health care will continue to evolve.

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