Innovating with 5G and edge computing

The journey to a more connected future

With so many connected technologies out there, it can be hard for companies to select the best option for their organizations that will help drive the most value. In this episode, User Friendly podcast host Hanish Patel is joined by Deloitte’s Rob Kasegrande, as well as Verizon Business executives Jennifer Artley and Robb Juliano, for a deep dive into new use cases, the benefits of 5G, and where companies should begin their journey of rolling out 5G and edge computing.

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Creating new value with 5G enterprise solutions

The bottom line is that 5G is built for scale, which makes it perfect for enterprises. If you think about … endless bandwidth over the air and near-zero latency, it creates an opportunity for massive capacity where you have a lot of device density. As enterprises are thinking about real-time use cases … what could they do with the power of that bandwidth?

— Jennifer Artley, senior vice president of 5G Acceleration, Verizon Business

Industries such as retail, manufacturing, and health care are really seeing the value in bringing together 5G, private networks with 5G, and edge computing to improve their operations and efficiency. Organizations are actively looking at how 5G could help them drive productivity improvements and grow revenue. So how can companies unlock the full potential of 5G and drive competitive advantage?

When you think about what businesses and enterprises are trying to accomplish around industry 4.0 and digital transformation, and take advantage of the data and the analytics … you need a combination of a high-performing network that connects devices, could connect sensors and equipment, as well as the ability to process that data in real time. It’s important for 5G and edge to be talked about together because it’s critical to the growth in that market.

—Rob Kasegrande, managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP

In this episode of the User Friendly podcast, we explore how private 5G networks open the door to use cases across industries that can boost productivity, enhance operational efficiency, increase cost optimization, and create revenue opportunities. Hear perspectives from Jennifer Artley, senior vice president of 5G Acceleration at Verizon Business; Robb Juliano, vice president of 5G Solution Sales at Verizon Business; and Rob Kasegrande, managing director in Deloitte Consulting and leader of Deloitte’s 5G and Edge Computing practice.

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