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User Friendly at CES®: Unlocking innovation in startups

Part of the User Friendly podcast series

Analytics, cloud, and other digital technologies are nothing new. But how might startups use these existing capabilities to drive innovation in 2019? We headed to CES to get a glimpse of some of these potential disruptors.

Sizing up startups

Hanish Patel met up with Shawn DuBravac and Nishita Henry at CES 2019 to hear more about the startup activity at the conference and the biggest innovations we can expect to see coming out of startups this year.

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Tech Trends 2019: Beyond the digital frontier

Deloitte’s 10th annual Tech Trends report identifies those trends that are likely to disrupt businesses in the next 18-24 months, including advanced networking, intelligent interfaces, serverless computing and more. These trends are part of a larger convergence of powerful forces that are driving disruption across industries.

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