Deciphering virtual reality use cases and business applications

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​If hospitals are considering asking doctors and patients to wear headsets and embrace virtual reality, who’s next? An ever-wider range of businesses are finding applications for augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR). These technologies are aiding workflow, collaboration, and productivity in sectors you might not expect.

Big opportunities

In this episode, Allan Cook, Tony Demarinis, and Kaitlyn Kuczer will dive into the industry implications of AR/digital reality. They will uncover the biggest opportunities and challenges in the market right now for businesses like yours.

We have a new way to interface with the world around us that is going to be hands-free using gestures to click options in the air. It’s interesting because in the technology evolution we drove ourselves apart from each another. Everyone is behind computers writing emails, texting, talking via text to their colleagues. This technology has the capacity to almost re-humanize the workplace, in bringing everyone together so that we are engaging once again with each other.

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