User Friendly podcast at CES: The future of advertising

Technology trends from CES 2018 that put data at the core of marketing

Have you started building a digital advertising strategy for tomorrow’s trends? We’re not clairvoyant, but we do have some insights into the future of advertising. With digital transformation occurring for both advertisers and publishers, find out how to drive personalization through data, technology, and creativity.

Drive personalization

On episode one of our CES podcast special, Sharon Harris and Todd Paris from Deloitte and Tiffany Miller, head of industry, DCLK data, and platforms at Google, explore how machine-powered data contextualization and human-powered strategy are shaking up business models for both advertisers and publishers, and how the full circle of advertising has shifted. The group explores why content is still king, but how context may be the new queen.

How do you use this data to be smarter about the creative elements that you build, smarter about the conversations you engage with consumers on, and also smarter about how you position your brand in the marketplace. That’s what the data is really allowing you to do.

The Future of Advertising.

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