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Deconstructing emerging technology, media, and telecommunication trends

​Wouldn’t it be great if new trends in technology, media, and telecommunications came with a business manual? The user friendly podcast navigates the business model and operational impacts of the top emerging trends.

Episode 3: Deciphering shaping strategies for IoT companies

For IoT companies, competition is fierce. But many might not be aware that they can redefine the nature of their competition using shaping strategies. The shaping strategy approach is designed for innovative IoT companies with aligned leadership who want to influence the direction of the entire industry.

In our latest User Friendly podcast, we talk to Deloitte leaders John Hagel, managing director and co-chairman of the Deloitte LLP Center for the Edge, and John Seely Brown, the independent co-chairman of the Deloitte LLP Center for the Edge. As leaders in this category, they will discuss the ways that using well executed shaping strategies can enable participants to learn from and share risk with one another—creating a profitable future for all.

Listen in to learn how to use shaping strategies for your organization.

Shaping strategies for Iot

Episode 2: Deciphering the new revenue recognition standard

The latest accounting standards are changing the way technology, media, and telecom companies recognize revenue—more than a change in rules, the new standard demands a change in mindset. In addition to impacting finance departments, the new accounting standard also means big changes for strategy, information technology, human resources, sales and marketing, and tax.

In this episode Joe Talley and Bryan Anderson explore the cross-organizational impact of the new revenue standards, how companies are developing their commission plans, internal and external operational impacts of the standards, managing costs and disclosures, and key points of focus for companies preparing to comply.

It’s more than just accounting and white paper policy process. It’s a big deal to do anything in the end-to-end revenue process.

Listen in to find out how the changes will affect your organization.

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Revenue recognition

Episode 1: Deciphering digital consumption trends

Digital has transformed the way consumers approach entertainment and media consumption. The days of appointment TV, setting DVRs, and losing the remote are fading into the distance. Now consumers can stream shows when they want, where they want them.

This shift has created a new marketplace for content services and is changing the way advertisers market to consumers. How can businesses in the technology, media, and telecommunication industry capitalize on these trends?

In this episode, Kevin Westcott and Scott Lippstreu will discuss how traditional television is losing ground to streaming, how binge watching impacts content distribution, what changes advertisers are taking to reach consumers, and how social media's stronghold on consumers may provide new opportunities for advertising.

Be sure to listen in and download our podcast.

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Digital consumption trends

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All the discussion around risk is about the risk of acting, but what’s the risk of not acting?    

10/26–Episode 4: Deciphering digital education trends


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