Creating a more customer-centric approach

Customer success strategies for tech, media, and telecom

It's often said putting the customer at the heart of your business can deliver an exceptional customer experience. But actually fostering customer loyalty and satisfaction isn’t always an easy feat. Tune in to this episode of User Friendly to hear how tech, media, and telecom companies can meet evolving customer needs and develop effective customer success strategies.

User Friendly: Customer Success Strategies

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“Customer success isn’t something that we define necessarily. It’s something that our customers define. And it’s our responsibility to understand what value means for each of our customers.”

—Toya Del Valle, chief customer officer at Cornerstone


Whether it’s emerging business models or shifting consumer preferences, a lot of change has happened across tech, media, and telecom in recent years that has made customer centricity even more critical. In this episode of User Friendly, Toya Del Valle, chief customer officer at Cornerstone, and Marybeth D'Souza, a principal in Deloitte’s TMT customer marketing practice, join host Hanish Patel to discuss what customer success means to them. We’ll also explore how companies are setting themselves apart in this space, why a multi-channel experience is key, and where the future of customer success is heading.

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