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Customer outcomes: Chief Customer Officer study

A new focus for B2B technology companies

In a first-of-its-kind study, Deloitte interviewed 40 B2B technology chief customer officers (CCOs) to understand their perspective on the shift toward customer outcomes and how their companies are responding.

The B2B customer experience is changing, and B2B companies are beginning to rely on their technology solution providers to help them maximize business outcomes.

The new emphasis on B2B company customer experience is driven by three trends:

  • The emergence of B2B customers who are increasingly making and/or influencing buying decisions.
  • Fast-changing business models as B2B companies shift to the cloud and subscription models.
  • Shrinking product differentiation as B2B companies find it increasingly difficult to evaluate solution providers on product features alone. In response, solution providers are shifting from simply maximizing sales to supporting B2B companies in maximizing business outcomes.

In this study, we interviewed more than 40 B2B technology company chief customer officers (CCOs) or equivalents to understand how they are navigating this transformation. While 88% of companies largely agree that customer outcomes is the next business model evolution for B2B technology companies, only 15% of them strongly agree that they have the right level of maturity to drive customer outcomes.

Solution providers should prioritize three considerations to enhance customer outcomes.

  1. Orient service functions toward driving customer outcomes, ensuring the right leadership and incentives are in place to create cross-functional alignment.
  2. Redefine value, focusing on value delivered to the customer rather than value derived from the customer.
  3. Scale for growth, focusing on “productizing” a full portfolio of service offerings and expanding reach through partners and digital capabilities.
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