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Technology Industry Services

Accelerating digital transformation

As businesses adapt the way they do business, the technology industry has led the change. And that doesn’t mean tech companies are not susceptible to digital disruption. Our broad range of technology industry services can help you evolve and thrive in uncertain times.

​​​​​​How we can help

Deloitte’s specialists can help tech companies lead in an ever-changing industry through a broad array of services designed to meet technology companies wherever they are, across the value chain and around the globe. We understand that your strategy may be shifting, and our technology industry services can help your organization navigate those shifts in areas such as:

  • Cloud
    • Provide an industry-leading approach to realize and implement your cloud transformation to help modernize operating models, help ensure culture change, and mitigate business risk.
  • Cyber security
    • Plan and execute an integrated cyber approach to harness the power of information networks to enhance business operations, increase performance, and improve customer support, without compromising security or privacy.
  • Artificial intelligence
    • Implement artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and analytics to move faster and with greater precision toward a complete digital transformation.
  • Future of work
    • Adapt to, design, and implement the technology-enabled workplace of the future that is secure, flexible and adaptable.
  • Tax
    • Implement enterprise-wide regulatory compliance and international tax activities across multiple geographies, navigating the implications of an ever-evolving world.
  • M&A and IPO
    • Identify portfolio gaps, evaluate strategic M&A and partnership opportunities, and facilitate seamless integration.
    • Navigate the IPO market to transition to a public company​.
  • Develop effective product and channel strategies to penetrate the SMB market

​Why Deloitte?

We know the industry. As the technology arena evolves, Deloitte continues to act as a trusted advisor to global industry leaders. We also have strong relationships with some of the world’s leading companies, making productive, traditional alliances possible. This helps enable our clients to scale exponentially and tap into the value potential of mega technology and trends to thrive in a constantly shifting market. Our clients represent all sectors of the technology value chain, from computer hardware and software vendors to networking equipment, semiconductor and information technology services organizations.

In the US we serve:

  • All of the top* 10 software and services providers
  • 9 of the top* 10 hardware and semiconductor manufacturers

*By publicly reported revenue