Christina Spotts

Senior Manager | University Relations

Christina Spotts

1919 North Lynn Street

Suite 1500



United States


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Christina leads Deloitte’s University Relations (UR) program, which focuses on bringing the best of Deloitte and receiving the best for Deloitte across a portfolio of Deloitte’s most strategic university relationships. Through UR, Christina leads Signature Program efforts and helps to advise senior academic executives, strengthen Deloitte’s brand on campus, and position Deloitte as a trusted advisor for 1000+ students, faculty, and administrators annually. She is responsible for building and coaching high-impact teams of passionate UR school alumni to amplify the collective impact of recruiting, fundraising, client service, and relationship building efforts to drive to desired results. Christina also manages a coordinated approach to communication, knowledge sharing, volunteering, and philanthropy for 21,000+ UR school alumni.
Christina Spotts