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Deloitte is committed to attracting top talent. We are extending our relationship at a few, strategically aligned universities beyond our recruiting footprint by making investments in building our brand and eminence on campus, rallying nearly 15,000 affiliated alumni, and identifying meaningful opportunities to provide professional services to these universities as our clients. Deloitte’s University Relations (UR) program is a contributing factor as to why students join Deloitte, prospective clients select Deloitte, and faculty, administration, and government influencers seek Deloitte. As the higher education environment continues to be disrupted, Deloitte’s UR program is clearly differentiating Deloitte.

The University Relations advantage

University Relations brings our broad and deep capabilities of the firm together in a seamless and customized way to have a greater impact on a few, strategically aligned universities. When we do this, our brand is strengthened, our professional service increases, and our ability to attract top talent improves.

University Relations is the hub that connects the dots around so many things that are important to the firm in terms of our acquisition of talent and enhancing our overall relationships with strategic universities.

Deb DeHaas, vice chairman, chief inclusion officer, national managing partner, Center for Board Effectiveness

University Relations deans summit
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