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Deloitte is committed to making an impact in academia. Our University Relations (UR) program brings the best of Deloitte to a select number of strategic universities to amplify our collective impact. We seek to be a contributing factor as to why students join Deloitte, prospective clients select Deloitte, and faculty and university administration look to Deloitte.

The University Relations advantage

Our UR program draws on the passion of nearly 20,000 alumni from affiliated UR schools, has invested over $55 million in personal gifts and Deloitte Foundation match, historically hires approximately 3,000 UR school alumni annually into intern and full-time roles, supports initiatives that develop students, faculty, and administration leaders, and sparks advances in education.

University Relations makes a positive and enduring difference by bringing our broad and deep capabilities together in a seamless and customized way:

  • Leveraging passionate alumni from across Deloitte to form a dedicated team and execute a comprehensive strategy at each campus
  • Rallying alumni to give generously of their time, talent, and treasures in a strategic and coordinated manner
  • Fostering strategic relationships across the university to collectively address areas of mutual interest including workforce readiness, curriculum evolution, and faculty/staff development
  • Bringing Deloitte leaders, thought leadership and curated programs to enhance the campus experience
  • Collaborating with Deloitte Talent Acquisition on coordinated, creative, and impactful campus recruiting strategies for intern and full-time positions
  • Coordinating with Deloitte Higher Education professionals to advance the mission of higher education to help achieve lasting, impactful and measurable results

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The strength of Deloitte’s University Relations program stems from Deloitte’s deep experience within Higher Education, coupled with our commitment to support universities to achieve their missions by empowering their leaders and students. The exponential value created through holistic connections elevates the experience for both Deloitte and the University.

— Deb DeHaas,
Former Vice Chairman and National Managing Partner, Deloitte Center for Board Effectiveness; Advisory University Partner for Northwestern University

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