Workforce safety and fatigue management compliance is a must. CleverAnt makes getting the job done easy!

Compliance to fatigue management and workforce safety regulations just adds another level to an already complex scheduling process. CleverAnt provides Excel-based reporting and automation tools that allow energy companies to easily access data to make better decisions that promote productivity, improve resource utilization, and control labor costs

For oil and gas, utility and mining companies using Kronos Workforce Central®, CleverAnt:


Automates workforce management complexities


Instantly assembles all Fatigue Management data into ONE REPORT


Provides the ability to easily analyze and evaluate violations to gain a better understanding of coverage needs


Flags and resolves overtime issues before they occur


Eliminates repetitive and time-consuming tasks


Ensures safety is maintained with the right resource scheduled for the work


Delivers customizable Kronos reports in Excel


Improves productivity so more time is spent on value-added tasks


CleverAnt Workspaces

Advanced Schedule Report

When multiple screen use is not a viable option, one-click from a single CleverAnt report ensures coverage. Flag issues in advance to avoid any unnecessary complications


Overtime Flag Report

Flag/resolve overtime before it occurs. Resolve future OT costs by analyzing data pulled from timekeeper vs. payroll. View data how you want and customize flags to meet your needs.


Fatigue Management Report

Instantly assemble decision-critical data from the Kronos Fatigue Management Module to ensure the safety of your staff and investments. A critical must!


Analytics Report

Analyze data compiled from several Kronos Analytics cubes in ONE CleverAnt report! Make informed decisions, fast.