Increase sales and customer satisfaction. Get instant and easy access to critical data in Excel

The balance between store productivity and good customer service can be difficult to achieve when you don't have access to timely information in the format you need. With CleverAnt's easy access to scheduling data assembled in ONE Excel report, your constantly changing environment (by week, location and store) becomes less of a challenge and more of an opportunity to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, control labor costs and deliver on your brand promise.

For specialty, department store and grocery retail companies using Kronos Workforce Central®, CleverAnt:


Automates workforce management complexities


Manages hundreds of stores in one-click for optimal planning and forecasting


Eliminates repetitive and time-consuming tasks


Delivers customizable Kronos reports in Excel


Manages all employee vacation requests from one screen


Improves operational visibility to quickly react to changing conditions


Ensures optimal staffing is on hand to support good customer service


Makes staff scheduling a breeze


CleverAnt Workspaces

Store Monitor

Set tolerance parameters and let store managers evaluate schedules to ensure they are within limits. View and manage vacation conflicts or issues related to blackout periods. Use the Store Monitor to track and educate your store managers.


Forecasting Setup

Manage hundreds of stores in one-click! View and modify Hours of Operations, Special Events or Labor Standards for all your stores in ONE EXCEL REPORT. Think of the time and productivity gained!


Vacation Planner

Set quotas and manage employee vacation requests from one screen. Approve or deny requests based on established quotas. Sort requests to view who submitted first, most senior employee, etc. And it’s all done directly in Excel.


Capacity Planner

Ensure that you have the optimal staffing level in each store for good customer service. Do you have adequate employee availability to cover peak hours? Easily view and fix bottleneck areas where there is insufficient availability.