Your priority is patient care.
With CleverAnt, your workforce has the tools to stay focused.

The secret to your success is really no secret at all... An engaged and properly deployed workforce means that you control costs, optimize staff usage and improve overall quality. CleverAnt is key to helping you automate and streamline your staff scheduling operations.

For Healthcare Organizations and Long-Term Care Facilities using Kronos Workforce Central®, CleverAnt:


Automates workforce management complexities


Eliminates repetitive and time‐consuming tasks


Delivers customizable Kronos reports in Excel


Improves operational visibility to quickly react to changing conditions


Makes staff scheduling a breeze


Supports current processes by providing scheduling, staffing and productivity reports in the desired format


CleverAnt Workspaces

Schedule Report

Instant access to scheduling and staffing information assembled the way you want to see it, in ONE REPORT. FTEs, weekly hours, shift per week, per weekday, per type. See coverage all in-one-glance and count your coverage as you need it!


Vacation Planner

Set your quotas and manage employee vacation requests from ONE SCREEN. Approve or deny requests based on established quotas. Sort requests directly in Excel to view who submitted first or view the most senior employee, etc


Long-Term Care Enhanced Reporting

Easily and quickly assemble data required to complete the CMS-671 form. Generate reports to determine optimal staffing levels to stay on budget and still ensure a 5-Star Rating. Key reports include: Patient Per Day (PPD), Key Factor Sheet and CMS 671


Clinical Activity Workspace

View actual productivity by shift and unit with in/out patient counts, generated directly in CleverAnt and automatically connected to Kronos Workforce Central. And it’s all done on ONE screen


Schedule Automation Template

ONE CLICK and the optimized schedule is automatically updated directly in Kronos Workforce Central without ever having to login. Pretty amazing, we know…