CleverAnt frequently asked questions

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Why Excel?

In our never-ending quest to simplify processes, we selected Microsoft Excel, the spreadsheet of choice for the majority of organizations. It is readily available and most managers are quite adept users.


Which Excel versions are compatible with CleverAnt?

CleverAnt is compatible with Microsoft Excel XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 on Windows XP, Office 365, Office Pro and later. CleverAnt automatically adapts to your version of Excel at runtime. If you upgrade Excel, there is no need to reinstall CleverAnt.


What is CleverAnt LEAF and what makes it different from Microsoft Excel?

CleverAnt LEAF acts as a gateway to your enterprise systems providing a simplified way to view, manage and update your data. CleverAnt LEAF is a spreadsheet application nearly identical to Excel, except that you never have to worry about versions, and only the functionalities required to complete the task at hand are featured. This provides you with even greater control in managing your CleverAnt solution(s).


How does CleverAnt work with Kronos Workforce Central®?

CleverAnt uses the documented API provided by Kronos. The integrity and installation of Workforce Central is not modified and is never compromised.


What about security?

All of our reports and Workspaces are macro-free for the highest security.


Where and how can I get support for CleverAnt?

CleverAnt offers annual, subscription-based maintenance. Subscription includes phone, online and configuration support. It also includes compatibility between Workforce Central service packs and version upgrades. Contact us at 1-888-345-1419 for more information.


What if the available CleverAnt reports or Workspaces do not meet my needs?

Not a problem! We offer tailored Excel reports and Workspaces that adapt to your unique requirements and processes. Need an extra column added to your report? Require specific information from Kronos Workforce Central? From a simple addition to a completely customized Workspace and report, CleverAnt has the solution.