Automate Project Planning and Workforce Management Complexities

Managing projects, machines and labor can be challenging without the proper tools. CleverAnt solutions help manufacturing companies better control labor costs, automate complex and time-consuming processes while also identifying areas where productivity can be improved.

For manufacturing companies using Kronos Workforce Central®, CleverAnt:


Automates workforce management complexities


Eliminates repetitive and time-consuming tasks


Delivers customizable Kronos reports in Excel


Improves operational visibility to quickly react to changing conditions


Makes project planning and staff scheduling a breeze


CleverAnt Workspaces

Organizational Map Template

Easily create new projects, and maintain project stages and access rights. Stay on track with a complete view of all projects.


KPI Report

Analyze workforce data against key performance indicators to measure workforce performance, plan cost-containment strategies, and increase productivity.


Timesheet Report

Automate data extraction and report generation directly in CleverAnt’s Excel-based environment without ever having to enter Kronos Workforce Central.


Multiple Source Integration

Securely integrate data from multiple sources within and outside Kronos so that you can view decision-critical information in one Excel screen. Everything you need to make informed decisions.


Activities Report

Obtain the information you need in real-time so that you can make critical decisions from the shop floor. Generate Excel reports on activities across facilities and workforces to obtain a complete view of operations.