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Deloitte China closes its acquisition of key assets of Shenzhen SPRO Technology Consulting Co., Ltd.

  • The deal will further enhance Deloitte China's position to be an undisputed leader in SAP services.
  • The acquisition will further enhance Deloitte China's capability in implementing large-scale SAP projects.

Published Date: 1 June 2020

Deloitte China today completed its acquisition of the core assets of SAP services provider Shenzhen SPRO Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. (SPRO). This transaction includes the acquisition of key SPRO assets mainly covering IP and business contracts and the transfer of talents.

SPRO has been recognized by SAP as one of its premier partners in South China, and is a reputable company with more than 10 years of SAP service experience. It has an extensive client base in the region and serves rising demand for SAP S/4HAHA implementation services. The acquisition will allow Deloitte China to meet existing demand as well as reinforce its capability for large-scale SAP implementations in the future.

"As one of SAP's top global partners, Deloitte's SAP consulting services have maintained robust growth," says Deloitte Consulting China Eastern Region Managing Partner and SAP Service Line Leader Andy Zhou. "China is a key regional market for SAP, and we have full confidence in Deloitte China's SAP advisory service capability. This transaction further strengthens our aspiration to become undisputed leader in the China SAP advisory market, accelerates the cloud-based transformation of our SAP practice, and enhances our ability to serve outstanding local enterprises. It also demonstrates our strong confidence in the recovery of China's economy after the COVID-19 pandemic."

As a strategic partner of SAP South China, SPRO is a leading tier two player in the market. With more than 10 years of SAP service experience, SPRO has accumulated wide recognition as the preferred SAP service partner in South China. In addition, SPRO is an information technology provider integrating management consulting, which provides SAP S/4HAHA application software implementation and supply chain collaborative cloud solutions. It combines SAP products to provide intelligent manufacturing applications focused on industrial development.

"Deloitte China is an ideal partner to advance SPRO's mission. With Deloitte China's resources and global network, we will be able to accelerate innovation within the IT industry to create value-add business solutions. We look forward to working with Deloitte's professionals as one team to provide comprehensive professional services and stay ahead of the curve across digital transformation. I am excited about what lies ahead," says SPRO CEO Gavin Tsang.

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