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Q: Who are you looking for?

A: The qualities we look for in our internship students mirror those we look for in our graduate recruits. In other words, you'll need good communication skills, outstanding analytical skills and a strong teamworking ethos.

Q: I have missed out all the application deadlines. Is there any chance I can still apply for an internship position?
A: If you miss intakes, there are still some ad hoc opportunities for interns on major projects. For your chance to make an impact, please check back regularly.

Q: Can I apply for more than one position? Or change my information after I've submitted it? 

A: Unfortunately you can only apply once, and you can't change information once it's submitted. Make sure you're happy with the internship you're applying for before you submit it. You won't have the chance to alter it at a future date.

Q: When will I know if my application's been successful?

A: We'll process your application as soon as possible and email you to let you know your results, even if you haven't made it through this time.

Q: How long does the internship last?

A: It depends. For example, our winter internships normally last for up to four months and our summer ones last up to two in Hong Kong. In mainland, both winter and summer internships last for 2-3 months.

Q: Will you provide accommodation if I don't live near the office location where the internship is offered?

A: We don't provide accommodation for internship students. You'll need to secure your own in time for the start of your internship.

Q: I'm currently studying overseas. How will the interview be arranged?

A: All interviews are held at the internship location and in case you are unable to attend, we shall make alternate arrangement.

Q: Will the result influence any future application I make to Deloitte? What if I want to apply for a full-time role or winter internship.

A: It won't make any difference. We treat the applications separately.

Q:  I have applied Deloitte graduates program, can I apply for any intern positions? 

A: We will give priority to those under-graduates who are not in their final year.


Q: Will the internship application result influence my future application in Deloitte, such as full time graduate position?

A: No, it won't.

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