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  • 2019 Global Aerospace and Defense Industry Outlook
    This report drafted by Deloitte Global Aerospace and Defense team, and translated by Deloitte China ER&I industry. It explained the global A&D industry recuperated and experienced a solid year as passenger travel demand strengthened and global military expenditure continued to rise.
  • Embracing a digital future
    Its primary focus is to engage manufacturing executives in a conversation to create a better understanding of companies' journey toward designing and implementing systems that integrate data and information from disparate sources and locations to drive the physical act of producing and distributing manufactured goods. In conducting this research, we surveyed more than 200 companies operating in the manufacturing sector and conducted more than a dozen executives were interviewed on the opportunities and challenges involved in implementing a DSN. And three steps were proposed at the end for companies to take to deploy DSN.
  • Success personified in the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Four leadership personas for an era of change and uncertainty
    This year, we asked executives how they are enabling their organizations to succeed in the age of Industry 4.0, and we grouped the leaders who are making better progress within the four major areas of impact (society, strategy, technology, and talent) into personas: Social Supers, Data-Driven Decisives, Disruption Drivers, and Talent Champions. The report examined Industry 4.0 readiness in four areas: positively affecting society, shaping business strategy, utilizing 4.0 technology, and managing talent and workforce needs.
  • The Industry 4.0 paradox
    While digital transformation is taking shape in nearly every organization, paradoxes can be observed around strategy, supply chain transformation, talent readiness, and drivers for investment. Deloitte fielded a global survey of 361 executives across 11 countries, seeking to understand how companies are investing in Industry 4.0 to enable digital transformation. The report revealed a mix of enthusiasm and ambitious plans for future investment, as well as a series of disconnects between companies' plans and actions.
  • 2018 China Smart Manufacturing Report
    To get a clear picture of the status quo of smart manufacturing in China, we interviewed 153 senior executives at large and medium-sized enterprises in China for the report, seeking their views on the current deployment of smart manufacturing in their companies. Based on the executives' feedback, we identified the key challenges in transitioning to smart manufacturing and provided suggestions for how enterprises can tackle these challenges.
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here - Are you ready?
    In this report, we discuss a mix of hope and ambiguity coming along with Industry 4.0 and measure business and government readiness for the Fourth Industrial Revolution through four aspects: social impact, strategy, technology, talent and technology.
  • 2018 Global aerospace and defense industry outlook
    This report forecasts the growth of the aerospace and defense industry and identifies major industry trends in 2018. It also looks at the financial performance of the top 20 aerospace and defense companies in 2017.
  • Industry 4.0 and the digital twin - Manufacturing meets its match
    In this paper, we describe the digital twin—its definition, the way it can be created, and discuss how it could drive value, its typical applications in the real world, and how a company can prepare for the digital twin planning process.
  • The smart factory - Responsive, adaptive, connected manufacturing
    In this paper, we describe the concept and key features of the smart factory, and discuss how the smart factory can drive value and realize benefits, and provide suggestions on how organizations can take steps to build a true smart factory.
  • Industry 4.0 and cybersecurity - Managing risk in an age of connected production
    In this paper, we examine the production life cycle — from digital supply network, to the smart factory, and finally to the connected object, focusing on the unique cyber risks faced by each. 
  • 2017 Global aerospace and defense sector financial performance study
    This analysis provides a detailed understanding of how the global A&D sector is performing and how the sub-segments are performing relative to each other.
  • From Interpretation to Prediction - Unleashing the Value of the Industrial Internet of Things
    Recognizing the huge potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the industrial field, Deloitte surveyed 156 Chinese manufacturers to explore the present state, future trends and challenges of industrial IoT applications, including IoT solutions users and providers, and compiled this report.
  • 2017 Global aerospace and defense sector outlook
    The report reviews the sector’s performance in 2016 and outlines a projection for aircraft production for 2017 and beyond, as well as defense spending by major countries.
  • 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index
    The results of the 2016 study clearly show the ongoing influence manufacturing has on driving global economies. From its influence on infrastructure development, job creation, and contribution to gross domestic product (GDP) on both an overall and per capita basis, a strong manufacturing sector creates a clear path toward economic prosperity.
  • Service innovations in China's industrial machinery sector
    The report draws upon the findings from a survey with 198 machinery manufacturers and interviews with senior executives on their companies' service innovation efforts in order to gain a clear picture on where service innovation stands in most of the manufacturing companies in China.
  • Transforming from "world factory" to "smart manufacturing”
    An overview of the development of smart manufacturing in China based on survey findings of nearly 200 manufacturers with perspectives from both manufacturing and application of smart equipment, as well as executive interviews and secondary research
  • State of China Manufacturing (2013 Q2)
    By combining three levels of analysis covering macroeconomics to sub-industries, the report provides a more timely & accurate view on the state of China's manufacturing sector, revealing early signals for upcoming demand surge, changing market direction.
  • Five strategic choices facing China's construction machinery industry
    Strategic choices for China's construction machinery companies to compete in an uncertain market environment
  • A new stage for overseas expansion of China’s equipment manufacturing industry
    An in-depth understanding of the development trends of overseas M&As in the Chinese Equipment Manufacturing Industry and critical factors influencing M&As


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