Interactive, technology-empowered innovation—Deloitte HiTech Showroom

The year 2020 marks Deloitte's 175th anniversary and highlights one of the company's key strategies in digital development. Drawing on insights into cutting-edge technologies and innovation service capabilities, Deloitte is committed to analyzing the disruptive impact of technology development on various sectors and integrating intelligent application with upgrading and transformation to help more companies achieve business innovation based on digital service models.

At Deloitte HiTech Showroom, a full range of advanced technology-enabled digital solutions, as part of the Digital Difference Campaign, are presented via a creative, immersive design.

At this high-tech, interactive center, visitors can better comprehend how new technologies such as 5G, AI and industrial internet are applied in commercial projects; and AR/VR-based presentation fully explains how new digital management models work.

Digital Interactive Zone

At the high-tech, interactive center, visitors can learn about the cutting-edge technology trends and the latest hot topics across industries. For example, the center presents how “Now Consumer” solutions assist in consumer business upgrading and transformation by simulating the 24-hour consumption scenarios; and how Deloitte’s in-depth business insights and strategies help companies respond to challenges under the backdrop of “smart cities”. In an era of digital economy, Deloitte HiTech’s technology insights and innovation service capabilities are continuously presented in the interactive zone in creative ways.


Smart Factory

Deloitte HiTech Showroom presents various smart applications to visitors, introducing Deloitte’s digital innovation capabilities. We demonstrate the digitally-transformed operating process of a factory via AR technology, allowing visitors to be engaged in the production line without on-site participation. At the Smart Factory, visitors can experience intelligent equipment management and quality control, and AR-enabled training and intelligent manufacturing solutions, which will empower them to embrace the opportunities of active management.


VR Room

VR Room enables visitors to learn about Deloitte's innovative digital solutions such as RPA, 1STOP and Future of Mobility through interactive and immersive experience in management operation processes. It’s the VR Room’s mission and advantage to make concepts tangible and clarify operation models.

As the advantages of digital technology are increasingly prominent, Deloitte's professional digital capabilities are well functioning as the driver and backbone of business projects and solutions. Moving forward, Deloitte will continue working with professional teams to enable higher business value and develop more innovation and digital solutions, making use of advanced technologies. Welcome to visit Deloitte HiTech Showroom.

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