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Media Auditing Tool: Optimize Marketing Strategy and Enhance Data Value

Digital media is now the primary means of advertising. With the growth of mobile devices and Internet, the way consumers receive ads and data is continuously changing. The wide variety of forms such as video, live streaming, and mini-games provide diversified choices for brand advertising, while the rapid development of online sales platforms creates multiple sales channels.

On September 26, 2020, the General Office of the CPC and the General Office of the State Council issued a document regarding accelerating medias' fusion and development, which points out the use of Internet thinking to optimize the allocation of resources, boost structural reforms of content production, make good use of 5G, big data and cloud computing, Internet of things, etc. Also, the document indicates the necessity of strengthening the research and application of new technology in journalism and communication. At the same time, the supervision of online advertising content is stricter than ever before. The Internet Market Supervision Special Action (Network Sword Action) requires in-depth improvement of Internet advertising to create a healthy advertising market environment and prevent the abuse of personal information from big data technology.

More and more enterprises are using big data to ensure the precise delivery of digital media and carry out strategic planning or process reengineering. However, it is difficult to measure the actual effect of whether the delivery channels chosen by the enterprises are precise and whether the delivery intensity truly meets the demand.

In response, Deloitte launched the Media Auditing Tool, which combines professional experience, profound industry knowledge, and adopts innovative digital means to help enterprises achieve digital and intelligent media delivery.

Deloitte's Media Auditing Tool, based on the constantly updated invalid traffic blacklist and filtering rules, as well as in-depth analysis of traffic data, identifies and filters suspicious traffic while using big data technology such as ID mapping, unified ID recognition, label system, and crowd management. This tool provides enterprises with services including multi-dimensional data analysis, trend projections, advertisement medium optimization, target audience group optimization and risk filtering.

Deloitte assisted an international cosmetics company in monitoring digital media delivery. To solve the problem, our Media Auditing Tool bases detection and verification on IVT primary source export, data center, global abnormal frequency, and other perspectives to place effective advertisements.

The product also provides digital media evaluation services for an international network solution provider. Given the problem of effective advertising delivery, the traffic is detected and verified based on the IP type, equipment, operator, region, and other dimensions of advertising traffic.

By leveraging the Media Auditing Tool and media flow auditing methodology framework, which responds to business pain points and needs, the client effectively enhanced digitization and upgraded marketing risk management.



He, Zheng
Partner, RA Advanced Control
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Data Analytics and Data Innovation Partner

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Manager, RA Advanced Control

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