China Medical Cosmetology O2O Market Analysis

The Report

China Medical Cosmetology O2O Market Analysis is a market analysis report developed by Deloitte China Financial Advisory practice, and jointly compiled by Deloitte Research and Deloitte China Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry team. With the improvement of the living standards and appreciation of beauty, the medical cosmetology industry in China has entered a period of rapid development. In addition, benefiting from the application and development of O2O technologies, the birth of medical cosmetology O2O platform is expected to reconstruct the upstream and downstream ecological industrial chain, and has the opportunity to change the pain points of opaque information and high cost of getting customers in the medical cosmetology industry for a long time. Building upon status quo description, in-depth data analysis, competition pattern and cases study, this report provides a comprehensive analysis on trends, opportunities and challenges of China medical cosmetology O2O industry.

Viewpoints / key findings

  • With the dramatic improvement of living standards in China in recent years, the demand for medical cosmetology has been growing day by day. Since 2006, the scale and the amount of investments in medical cosmetology industry have increased exponentially, with a compound growth rate of 52.6% in the past decade, indicating that the medical beauty industry has entered a period of rapid development. 
  • In essence, the medical cosmetology industry is crossly driven by consumption, guaranteed by supervision, based on safe technology, targeted at open, transparent and standardized services, sensitive to users, and characterized by consumption, fashion and medical care.
  • Medical cosmetology industry has long suffered from information opacity and high cost of getting customers through channels. Compared with traditional offline marketing, browser advertising and intermediary channels, medical cosmetology APP has the characteristics of accurate marketing, lower fees and transparent information. The emerging medical cosmetology O2O platform is expected to become the largest online medical cosmetology traffic entrance and to reconstruct the upstream and downstream ecological industrial chain.
  • "Community +online retailer +consultation" is the basic form of medical cosmetology O2O platform. The main ways for medical cosmetology organizations to get customers are through search engine advertising, offline promotion and intermediary drainage, etc. The new marketing channel -mobile medical cosmetology O2O platform provides a new customer acquisition model, through online community interaction, medical cosmetology e-commerce promotion and consulting services, to guide consumers go to offline consumption.  
  • The O2O platform is becoming the hub of the medical cosmetology industry, providing customer flow for downstream institutions. At present, the main competition pattern of the medical cosmetology O2O platform has been preliminarily delineated. The prominent modes are the deep development of online platform represented by "" and the combined mode of online platform and offline aesthetic organizations represented by "Yue Mei".
  • The development trend of medical cosmetology O2O is micro plastic, standardization, high frequency, localization and financialization. At the same time, the medical cosmetology O2O breaks the traditional model can create new development opportunities, break information asymmetry, and enhance industry transparency. It is predicted that the penetration of O2O platform will be further improved and the customer traffic will head to the top O2O platforms.
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