Deloitte launches Reignite China Demand – a joint strategic program with Alibaba Cloud

As consumers return to the new normal with cautious optimism in the China market, multinational companies need to reconsider how customer behavior has shifted in temporary and permanent ways, as well as how to accelerate digital and cloud transformation in response to Covid-19.

To better address these needs, Deloitte launched a strategic joint program with Alibaba Cloud. The Reignite China Demand program is a purpose-driven recovery program to accelerate global brands’ demand recovery in China. This joint offering was designed to enable multinational companies derive more holistic insights from customer activities in China, as China is one of the first regions to reopen after Covid-19.

The new normal requires new thinking along the customer’s journey. The Reignite China Demand program combines the power across the Alibaba Cloud's ecosystem with Deloitte’s design and engagement platform, to deliver hyper-local and personalized experiences across the unique digital landscape in APAC. Using Alibaba Cloud’s customer insight technologies and Deloitte’s specialization, a global brand can digitally instrument and optimize customer engagement for superior business performance across channels.

“In this unprecedented time, customer sentiment and market conditions are constantly shifting. Reignite China Demand offering enables global brands to react in real-time to customers' needs and engage with them holistically using insights into customers' behavior beyond financials.,” said Frances Yu, Deloitte Alibaba Cloud Alliance Global Lead Partner. This program enables global brands to recover from Covid-19 faster by driving key three outcomes: recruiting new customers for growth, reactivating customers across the buying cycle, and optimizing traffic between offline and online through virtualized demand operations.

“In 2015, Deloitte started the strategic collaboration with Alibaba Cloud in China, and in 2019 we have jointly elevated the collaboration to a global level,” said Michael Liu, Deloitte China Cloud Service Lead Partner and Deloitte Alibaba Cloud Alliance Lead Partner. “Deloitte and Alibaba Cloud have extensive experience in digital transformation, backed up by track record of successful implementations with multinational clients. We are well positioned as thought leaders in launching this offering.”

The new capabilities enabled by the Reignite China Demand program can be used to action on customer insights beyond the Covid-19 recovery. By implementing leading practices now, global brands will be well poised from a system, insights, and people perspective to deliver personalized experiences with customers at scale once China markets are fully recovered.

“Many businesses have suffered tremendously during the pandemic, and we hope our partnership with Deloitte is able to bring the right offerings to help these businesses expedite the recovery process, “said Tim Tang, Alibaba Cloud Business Development. “We see digitalization as a must for businesses to reconnect with their existing clientele, and leverage the insights derived from cloud computing to build new customer base in the post-pandemic world. Businesses need to constantly evolve with the applicable technology for much more cost-effective outcomes to thrive in the new world.”

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