Theme #3 Control Automation

Focus on: The automation of controls as part of controls transformation (including RPA)


iTreasury provides an intelligent, efficient, value-oriented treasury management solution, featuring the business insight of Deloitte experts, a flexible platform, robotic scenarios and heuristic interfaces.

iTreasury originated from Deloitte’s industry best practice knowledge base, contributed to and supported by thousands of Deloitte experts. It is designed according to the value-oriented principle, integrated with the latest robotic and AI techniques. It aims to realize next generation scenarios such as real-time monitoring and risk evaluation, drilling down and tracing transactions back to actual business events such as sales contract and purchase order, assembling external information as well as isolated internal data to improve prediction, drafting action plans on an ad hoc basis and interact users in a heuristic way.

Future of Control | Control Automation: iTreasury


i-Investment provides a comprehensive, intelligent, and efficient investment decision and management solution. Based on Deloitte's experience in various industries over decades, i-Investment can help institutional investors and corporate investment departments develop insight into investment risks, explore potential opportunities and monitor risks continuously by implementing a scientific indicator system and building an analysis model based on artificial intelligent algorithms. i-Investment covers the full life cycle of investment, boosts risk awareness and decision making.

Future of Control | Control Automation: i-Investment


In order to help companies analyze and monitor risks more efficiently, comprehensively and accurately, and improve the overall compliance level of enterprises, Deloitte China Risk Advisory team has developed a mature intelligent compliance platform based on our experience with clients.

Deloitte Management and Compliance Service ("D.MAC") aims to apply Deloitte Risk Advisory's industry knowledge and internal control compliance experience to provide pharmaceuticals, financial and other companies with high compliance requirements with an integrated, digital compliance platform that provides intelligent monitoring and early warning of the entire process across multiple business components of corporate operations.

Future of Control | Control Automation: D.MAC