Future of Control | Control Automation: i-Investment

An Intelligent, Full Life-cycle Investment Management Solution

Published date: June 16, 2021


With the expansion of the capital market, the investment projects and the total amount invested have shown a rising trend year by year. Investors are facing challenges such as:

  • How to comprehensively and effectively identify the risks of investment projects?
  • How to develop high-potential investment projects?
  • How to track and manage post-investment issues?

To help investors rise to these challenges, we are pleased to introduce our product i-Investment, an Intelligent Full Life-cycle Investment Management Solution. This solution also forms part of our "Future of Control" series.

i-Investment Solution

i-Investment provides a comprehensive, intelligent, and efficient investment decision and management solution. Based on Deloitte's experience in various industries over decades, i-Investment can help institutional investors and corporate investment departments develop insight into investment risks, explore potential opportunities and monitor risks continuously by implementing a scientific indicator system and building an analysis model based on artificial intelligent algorithms. i-Investment covers the full life cycle of investment, boosts risk awareness and decision making.

  • Rapid Financial Risks Screening

With comprehensive financial analysis models and an extensive financial report database among industries, i-Investment enables investors to discover major financial risks of target companies rapidly. With the help of specified OCR and gap conversion algorithm, investors can easily get the diagnosis result in less than 5 minutes, which offers an efficient and effective way to identify potential targets among hundreds of candidates.

  • Comprehensive Investment Analysis Data Market

i-Investment provides a customized investment analysis framework for various industries based on Deloitte's industry knowhow. By using techniques such as RPA, image recognition tool and semantic analysis tool, i-Investment can extract data from many sources, including both structure data and unstructured data. Information including financial and operational performance, business information, market opinions, regulatory policy, etc. are integrated and summarized into a data market, providing data support for further analysis.

  • Intelligent Investment Risk Assessment Model

i-Investment, has an analysis engine based on expert rules and AI algorithms, performs comprehensive and heuristic risk assessment and valuation of the targeted company. Over 200 indicators covering all aspects of the targeted company such as financial performance, operating performance, fraud risks, industry characteristics etc., are integrated into a continuous learning, self-improvement model called Model Alpha. It also provides over 40 specified valuation models performing sandbox simulations and boost investment decision making.

  • Continuous Post-investment Tracking and Risk Warning

i-Investment carries out continuous post-investment tracking, regularly updates the risk assessment map to analyze the trend of indicators and help investors gain insight into the financial status and operating changes of the target company. Meanwhile, it can also monitors public opinion information and related regulations and policies using semantic analysis tools. Correlating this information with corresponding indicators, i-Investment provides early warning of potential changes and risks.

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