Future of Control | Control Automation: iTreasury

Intelligent robotics-enabled platform solution for treasury management

Published date: March 23, 2021

In the current external and economic environment, companies are facing greater pressure to survive and develop. In general, traditional treasury management faces the following challenges:

  • Management not being able to focus on or identify important treasury information;
  • Time-consuming interaction with 3rd party systems or existing internal systems;
  • Risk monitoring and evaluation is not sufficient and/or intelligent, often with latency.

As part of our Future of Control series, we are pleased to introduce our iTreasury solution, which addresses each of these challenges.

The iTreasury solution

iTreasury originated from Deloitte’s industry best practice knowledge base, contributed to and supported by thousands of Deloitte experts. It is designed according to be value-oriented and integrated with the latest robotic and AI techniques.

  • Real time monitoring and risk detecting
    The iTreasury platform aggregates information on transaction flows and account balances from various channels in a more agile, flexible way by using online banking robots, third-party payment robots and cognitive technologies, compared with common heavy, costly treasury solutions. It also provides multi-dimensional, multi-purpose data visualization through intelligent analysis panels, providing complete insights into the groups and their subordinate branches.

    The iTreasury platform integrates an intelligent risk engine to monitor every transaction record in real time, identify repetitive transactions, unusual amounts, and cross-border violations to ensure the safety of cash flows. Early warning messages are automatically sent to the personnel involved by email, text message and voice message, enabling rapid response.

  • Intelligent models with smarter algorithms
    The intelligent risk engine integrated with the iTreasury platform adopts a combination of expert experience models and machine learning algorithms, continuously adapting different scenarios and data features through self-learning.
    • The "Smart Public Sentiment" module captures every kind of comments, emotions, and opinions from the internet and social media that can affect future capital flows, such as customer complaints, discussions on product quality, etc.
    • The "Intelligent Forecasting" module aggregates data from multiple business systems and external sources, automatically extracts and generates key features that affect cash flows, performs model back-testing on historical data and seeks more accurate prediction models.
    • The "Smart Treasury Management Plan" module automatically generates treasury management action plans, including internal allocation, loan financing and surplus investment, etc.

  • Flexible system architecture
    The iTreasury platform adopts a highly agile design framework, and excels in coping with the constantly changing business needs. It can be deployed on a mature enterprise treasury management system, or built on an existing treasury management or ERP platform to achieve 1+1>2.

In addition, the platform ensures functional modules are loosely coupled and can be implemented separately or in a bundle. Also, existing modules can seamlessly extend new features with limited effort, matching the development needs of enterprises for rapid iteration.

The iTreasury platform can aggregate data from various sources and business systems, convert unstructured data such as images, PDFs and irregular spreadsheets to structured data, solving the issue of data isolation.

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