Crunch Time VII

Reporting in the digital world

In most companies, management reporting works like this: Finance determines what’s important for various levels of management to see, and then pumps out that information to recipients on a regular basis. As new requests get added to the mix, the burden of internal reporting grows; rarely are reports removed from the mix. And through it all, Finance seems to have little visibility into how reports are actually used—or if they’re used at all.

External financial reporting is different. Much of the required content is driven by various accounting and regulatory bodies, so there’s not a lot of room to wiggle. For external reporting, improvement is mostly about efficiency, while maintaining accuracy and control.

This guide shares how the benefits of both quality and efficiency can be delivered by the same set of digital technologies. Read our new POV: Crunch Time VII:  Reporting in the digital world, and find out how companies are using digital tools to upgrade their reporting processes to get better information distributed faster—and at a substantially lower cost.

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