Intelligence Operation Improve the Digitized Transition of Enterprises

CMCC iHR Phase I has been Successfully Completed

Recently, the phase I construction project of intelligent human resource (IHR) system for smart operation of China Mobile, which is undertaken by Deloitte China mobile service team for general coordination, design and customized system development and implementation, has reached the overall goal of "four complete and two centralized" and entered the operation period. This project has created many records in the field of China mobile management with the concept of systematic "talent integration" and "from human resources, not only from human resources".

Innovative business model

Through recruitment - employee relationship - Performance - talent development - personnel compensation - data analysis - self-service - shared service, full business, full process, full line, integrated application, standardize business, prevent and control risks, integrate intelligence, enable, improve quality and efficiency, and promote business transformation and upgrading;

Innovative decision mode

Build a unified index system and quality assurance system to support decision-making with various data applications from statistical analysis, prediction mining to self-help analysis;

Innovative technology architecture

It is the first time to realize "platform + application" agile mode based on PAAS platform, technology middle platform, micro service and Develops;

Innovative delivery Methodology

The first phase of the project covers nearly 500000 employees in 62 units at home and abroad in 14 months by taking multiple measures such as lean guidebook, joint office battle, Counterpart Assistance and remote delivery;

Innovative intelligent products

Driven by the new technology of acid, we can realize the contactless, safer and more intelligent innovative products, such as electronic contract, electronic certification, self-service machine, employment worry free applet, love questionnaire, intelligent customer service robot, etc.;

Innovative operation mechanism

Build a data operation, content operation, user operation and activity operation system. Based on micro signal, small program, mobile app, system advertising, customer service robot, self-service all-in-one machine and other full contacts, continue to create a full-service, full chain, full channel, full data and full intelligence intelligent operation experience for users.

The delivery and operation of phase I construction project of China Mobile IHR system has also been recognized and appreciated by customers in many aspects.

From HR Dep of IT company

  • It improves the entry experience of employees and helps new employees carry out their work faster. From people's accounts to accounts, greatly reducing the on-site business processing time on the day of entry.
  • The platform of signing electronic labor contract on cloud is applied to realize no meeting, on the whole line, no contact and more security.

From HR Dep of Jiangsu company

  • Convenient operation and friendly interface help to maximize the value of human resource master data and promote the re upgrading of human resource system.

From HR Dep of Guangdong company

  • The construction of human resources system is an important measure to promote the implementation of the company's strategy in the field of human resources. We are proud to undertake this historical mission and deeply feel the new working mode brought to us by iHR.
  • Powerful reporting and statistical functions will greatly liberate human resource productivity and promote the transformation of human resource data management from traditional service support to value output.


In the next step, Deloitte China mobile service team will more closely assist customers to continue to expand and deepen the application of digital human resources, achieving the "smart" leap of China Mobile's centralized human resources system.

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