Health & Social Care

At Deloitte we bring innovative yet practical solutions to navigate this vastly complex market – to protect and provide better outcomes for communities, through programs to assist with social welfare, unemployment, or family care, in addition to physical and mental health.


With the ever-evolving policies, processes, and capabilities and the given magnitude and complexity impacting the sector, smart health care is not going to come easy. Clinicians, usually, have difficulty coordinating appointments and procedures, sharing test results, and involving patients in their treatment plan. In other words, care providers may be working hard but are they working “smart”? How is health care moving the barriers of the hospital walls? This 2018 outlook reviews the current state of the global health care sector; explores trends and issues impacting health care providers, governments, other payers, and patients; and suggests considerations for stakeholders as they seek to deliver high-quality, cost-efficient, and smart health care.

2018 Global health care outlook
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